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11 May 2021

CLP & In Vitro Diagnostic (IVD)

What applies?

CLP excludes from its scope in vitro diagnostic medical devices (IVDs) in finished form (Article 1(5)(d)). Does this mean that a hazard label according to CLP doesn’t have to be prepared for a product registered as IVD? Not exactly. The sector legislation (Directive 98/79/EC, replaced by Regulation (EU) 2017/746 from May 2022), provides that CLP labelling requirements fully apply and only in special cases hazard label elements can be omitted....

26 Apr 2021

New SDS Requirements

Starting 2021

Regulation (EU) 2020/878 updated REACH Annex II, which sets the requirements for the compilation of the Safety Data Sheets (SDS) within EEA. The main purpose of the update was to include in the SDS information on nanomaterials and on hazards related to endocrine disrupting properties, as well as to implement the requirements of the latest GHS version into the EU legislation. Newly prepared SDS have to comply with the regulation starting January 2021. SDS prepared before January 2021 have to be updated by 2023. ...

22 Apr 2021

SCIP for Importers

Data Gaps & Batteries Case

According to Art 9(1)(i) of the Directive 2008/98/EC (Waste Framework Directive), starting 5 January 2021 articles containing SVHC above 01,%w/w need to be notified to the ECHA SCIP database before they are placed on the market. The SCIP notification needs to be done by all actors placing such articles on the market e.g. EU producers or assemblers, EU importers and EU distributors. For importers it is difficult to collect the necessary information....

22 Apr 2021

Hazardous Products Online

Art 48, CLP

Chemical products meant for the general public are nowadays commonly advertised and/or sold via the Internet. While it is easy and convenient for consumers to search and buy products this way, the party announcing the products needs to comply with special requirements for chemicals, in addition to the requirements applying to the advertisement or trade for consumer products. Most important in this regard is Article 48, CLP. Please note that other requirements might apply, depending on your products, business model and the national legislation. In certain Member States products with specific hazards cannot be legally sold via the Internet....

22 Oct 2020

Trade chemicals in/from Germany?

Don’t forget ChemVerbotsV

Are your products labelled with one of the following pictograms and hazard statements and they originate or are sold from or in Germany, even if only in the accountancy books? Then your company needs to implement ChemVerbotsV before it starts to trade....

6 Nov 2016

REACH Review 2017

Public consultation: 28/10/16 - 28/01/17

In the last decade REACH has been giving a lot of headaches both to the authorities and the industry. Being a new concept for the entire European chemicals legislation, its first steps were clumsy. Although implementation corrections were constantly made, it is now for the first time that legal corrections are aimed at. ...

26 May 2016


Paris, 12-14 April

The most important trade show for the cosmetics industry took place this year in Paris, 12-14 April 2016 and was the biggest ever:...

8 Apr 2016

Cosmetic UV filters proposed as SVHC

4-MBC & 3-BC

German authorities proposed 4-methylbenzylidene camphor (4-MBC) and 3-benzylidene camphor (3-BC) for being identified as substances of very high concern (SVHCs). ECHA launched the related public consultation, which closes on 14 April 2016. 4-MBC and 3-BC are UV filters mainly used in cosmetic products, such as sunscreens. ...

8 Apr 2016

Webinar: Digital Market

Cosmetic Products & Ingredients

Is e-commerce relevant for cosmetics and their ingredients on the European market? How do the consumers’ digital habits influence the marketing strategies for the cosmetics industry? What are the European legal requirements applying to e-commerce? Which are the online marketing channels for cosmetics? How do the market surveillance authorities react to this relatively new media?...

18 Feb 2016

ECHA Substance Screening

Update your REACH registration dossier by 11 March

If your substance was shortlisted during the ECHA IT screening, which takes place at the beginning of each year and is the base for prioritising substances for different regulatory processes, it is important that you ...

The public consultation on ECHA's 7th draft recommendation for including SVHC on the Authorisation List (Annex XIV of REAC) is open until 18 February 2016. Key sectors, such as energy generation and distribution, automotive, shipbuilding, as well as technologies like encapsulations in lighting technology (LEDs) and IT equipment (fiber optics), are affected by the prioritisation of MHHPA & HHPA. ...

13 Feb 2016

European e-Commerce Enforcement Project

Final Report: CLEEN "e-commerce II"

Chemical Legislation European Enforcement Network (CLEEN) published this month the results of its enforcement project focused on checking the compliance of chemical products sold via the Internet. ...

13 Feb 2016

New REACH Restrictions

Plastic & Rubber

Plastic & rubber articles and their raw materials are impacted by the REACH restrictions for PAH which came into force on 27 December 2015....

10 Jun 2014

Alster Stand at Cefic RIEF III

24 June 2014

Alster Consulting will participate with a stand at the exhibition in connection with the REACH Information and Experience Exchange Forum (RIEF III) organised by Cefic on 24 June 2014. We would be glad to meet you there.

26 May 2014

Webinars on Chemical Internet Trade (update)

10 June 2014 (Webinar 3)

Alster Consulting offers exclusive services for supporting the chemical industry to understand the implications of selling substances and mixtures via the internet and the related legal requirements. Alster Consulting organises in the period May-June 2014 a series of webinars aiming to give a general impression on the current situation regarding chemical internet traded targeting professional users, as well as consumers: market practises, legal requirements and consequences of non-compliance, advantages and problems. ...

On 10 April 2014, police forces controlled a car parts supplier in Bönningstedt, after a search warrant was issued by the Court in Itzehoe, Schleswig Holstein. Various illegal chemicals were found, such as automotive coatings, which were bought from an US based supplier and resold via the Internet. ...

15 Apr 2014

Alster Conference: Registration Open & Discounts

11-12 September 2014

The registration for the conference "EU Chemical Law Enforcement & Chemical Internet Trade", organised by Alster Consulting on 11-12 September 2014, Hamburg, is now open. The following discounts are granted:...

Alster Consulting is working hard on organising a two day conference focused on enforcement of the European chemical regulations and on issues regarding chemical internet trade. ...

4 Apr 2014

Webinars on Chemical Internet Trade

7 May 2014 & 26 May 2014

Alster Consulting offers exclusive services for supporting the chemical industry to understand the implications of selling substances and mixtures via the internet and the related legal requirements. ...

1 Apr 2014

30% Opening Discounts

until 15 May 2014

ALSTER Consulting is pleased to announce that it is fully operational and today is opening its doors to customers. Special opening discounts of 30% are available to all services provided by 15 May 2014. ...