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Around the Globe

ALSTER Consulting aims to satisfy the needs of its clients around the globe. Direct services are provided for a number of countries and fields, for others it cooperates with global and local partners. If you need advice or services for a specific region, please send an enquiry.

In the following countries complex services are provided together with local partners:



advice on all environmental and chemical regulations

elaboration of all technical documents necessary for obtaining the environmental permit

support to establish a company

representation to Court




Regulatory Check-Up for compliance to Turkish Regulations

Compliance to Turkish SEA (CLP) Regulation

Notification to Turkish C&L Inventory

Notification Services under the scope of Chemical Inventory and Control Regulation (C.I.C.R.)

Turkish Safety Data Sheet Compliance Services

Turkish Chemical Label Compliance Services

Registration of Biocidal Products in Turkey

Notification For Cleaning Products, Containing Strong Acid & Base

Notification For Chemicals Used in Pools

Notification For air Aromatizers

Notification For animal cosmetics

Bespoke Consultancy Services

Expert Translation Services


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