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About REACH: structured, up to date information provided on ECHA webpage free of charge here.  ECHA Legal Notice

ALSTER Consulting provides extensive regulatory services on REACH, such as:

  • Strategic and general compliance advice
  • SIEF related services:
    • SIEF communication
    • advice on the conditions of the SIEF agreements
    • purchase of Letters of Access (LoA)
    • advice on data and cost sharing
    • advice on SIEF formation
    • advice on measures in case there is no lead registrant within the SIEF
  • Consortia support
    • support for establishing REACH Consortia
    • manage the Secretariat of REACH Consortia
  • Advice on the general requirements for SDSs
  • Support to elaborate the registration strategy and planning
  • Advice for downstream users (DU)
  • Basic advice for managing nanomaterials under REACH
  • REACH-IT monitoring
  • Representation to meetings (e.g. EU associations, consortia, ECHA)
  • Support to determine the company size according to Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC (relevant when claiming reduced fees for SMEs under REACH)
  • Training

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Technical and scientific services are provided in cooperation with partners.



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