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CLP / Poison Center Notification

About CLP: structured, up to date information provided on ECHA webpage free of charge here.  ECHA Legal Notice

ALSTER Consulting provides various services on CLP, such as:

  • General compliance advice
  • Determine the C&L for substances and mixtures
  • Compliance check for labels
  • Notifications to the C&L Inventory
    • Advice on best option for submitting C&L notifications
    • Submission of notifications to the C&L Inventory
    • Manage groups of manufacturers / importers for C&L notifications
  • Poison Center Notifications (PCN)
    • Advice on PCN requirements
    • UFI generation & validation
    • Dossier preparation and submission
    • Support to fulfill national requirements
  • Advice for managing nanomaterials under CLP
  • Representation to meetings (e.g. EU associations)
  • Support to determine the company size according to Commission Recommendation 2003/361/EC (relevant when claiming reduced fees for SMEs under CLP)

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