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Chemical Internet Trade

The Internet is a growing pathway to trade chemicals. Companies which trade or advertise chemical products via the Internet within the EEA, have to comply with complex European and national legal requirements regarding electronic commerce, placing chemicals on the market, the protection of consumers in respect to distance contracts etc. The number of dangerous chemicals traded via the Internet is increasing and the authorities are taking enforcement actions.

Trading via the Internet becomes more important for businesses around the Globe and the chemical industry needs to keep up with the times.  However, for some chemicals Internet trade is not possible and for some it can be very complicated or expensive. Therefore, it is important that you receive good advice on when and how to trade via the Internet. While selling via the Internet could increase your business, doing it legally compliant protects your business against enforcement measures, as well as against legal actions by your competitors.

ALSTER Consulting’s services:

  • Compliance advice regarding the EU and national legal requirements for trading chemicals via the Internet (to professional users, as well as to the general public, as applicable). Focus for national requirements: Germany and Romania. Other states might be covered, please send an enquiry.
  • Feasibility advice for selling your substances and mixtures via the Internet (e.g. depending on the type and number of substances and mixtures, your customers, the delivery regions)
  • Compliance check for existing websites
  • Advice for correctly advertising your chemical products via the Internet
  • Advice regarding best practices for chemical Internet trade and advertising
  • Propose solutions for online ordering depending on your needs
  • Elaboration of documentation to be provided to the customers, depending on the legal requirements for each product traded
  • Support to put in place appropriate internal processes and workflows
  • Training

Further services are provided in cooperation with partners, including:

  • Implementation of your online solution for handling orders from customers (legal aspects, web design and programming)
  • Advice on website usability and product presentation
  • Visualisation of processes (design and programming), including 3D models, interactive models, films. This is useful, for example, if you would like to explain graphically how your substances and mixtures serve their purpose

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